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Our Parents

In May 2021, PTA became a sub-group of HOB Connect.  As part of the process a new constitution has been created to support the running of the groups, this can be viewed below.

HoB Parent Council Constitution FINAL

A supporting video has also been created to highlight the similarities and differences between the groups and the different ways you can get involved. This video can be viewed here.


The group have office bearers and more information about these roles can be found below:

More information about each office bearers expected duties can be found by clicking on the links.  They can also be found on CONNECT’s website at https://connect.scot/

Chairperson –https://www.connect.scot/application/ files/5415/3417/3540/ E_M3_Guidelines_for_the_PC_or_PTA_Chair_FINAL.pdf

Vice Chair –https://www.connect.scot/application/ files/5415/3417/3540/ E_M3_Guidelines_for_the_PC_or_PTA_Chair_FINAL.pdf

Secretary https://www.connect.scot/application/ files/1215/6562/1168/ E_M4_Guidelines_for_the_PC_or_PTA_Secretary_FINAL.pdf

Treasurer E_M5a_Guidelines_for_the_PC_or_PTA_Treasurer_FINAL.pdf (connect.scot)